Burley Icarus

The Icarus wood burning stove combines the most beautiful flame picture with clean burn technology and finest
British engineering. Sit back in your favourite chair with a cup of tea and feel the stresses of the day melt away in
front of the relaxing flames and warmth radiating through the full-length cathedral window.
2022 approved and exceeding the requirements of ecodesign, reinforced by Burley’s environmental policies, the
Icarus assures you that you have made a green, clean-burning and fuel-efficient choice.
Made with pride in the UK

Cut by laser, formed by computer and welded by robot, the Icarus delivers technical precision as standard. the
5mm plate steel sections are so perfectly seam welded that they are actually melted and fused together to make
one solid piece. Burley endeavour to buy British steel, the castings are made in a British foundry, 100% of the
fabrication is made in our factory in Oakham, even the beech wooden handle is turned in Devon.

Stove dimensions

Width: 440mm
Height: 730mm
Depth: 370mm


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