Charnwood Tor Pico

The Charnwood Tor Pico is one of the latest contemporary stoves from the acclaimed UK manufacturer. The Pico features the same curved glass panels that offer outstanding views of the fire from the front and sides.

Smaller than the TOR this 5kW wood burner has a features list that many bigger stoves would envy.

The latest highly advanced combustion system ensures exceptional clean burning and outstanding efficiency and the built-in external air manifold means there's no need to alter properties for air brick ventilation. The cool touch handle makes refilling and operating a breeze while the drop down throat-plate enables easy through-stove chimney sweeping.The TOR PICO is DEFRA Approved making it perfectly suitable to burn wood in smoke controlled zones.

Stove dimensions

Width: 482mm
Height: 992mm
Depth: 533mm


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