Stock Cube

The Stock Cube is a very popular wood stove. The wood sits right on the vermiculite bricks on the base of the stove, there is no need for a grate. It has a generous fire box, sized for logs 3OOmm long. and an even more generous piece of glass, offering you a wonderful clear view of the roaring fire.

In order to be an Ecodesign stove, a stove must be independently verified to meet stringent emission requirements. Particulates or PMs are the most commonly recognised of these measures. The maximum limit for these is 40 mg/m3. This stove achieves 27 mg/m3.

You can fit a small kettle or saucepan on the top surface. If you regularly use the top plate there is an optional stainless steel top available. Available as a convector model - as well as the Chilli Penguin colour range.

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Stove dimensions

Width: 475mm
Height: 583mm
Depth: 405mm

•Chilli Penguin•

High and Mighty (Tall Order) Eco

Chilli Penguin - Woody Eco (Cat)

The Eighty Ate

The Penguin 8

Chill Penguin - Woody Eco (multi fuel)

The Chubby 5 Eco

High & Mighty Eco

The Fat Penguin Eco

The Hungry Penguin Eco

Chilli Billie

The Short Penguin Eco

Salamander Hobbit