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The stove industry has been working hard for many years to improve the efficiency and emissions from wood burning stoves. At Kindle Stoves, we have specialised in clean burning stoves for over 10 years. We have a passion for our environment and want to offer you real alternatives to fossil fuels.

The stoves in our range are the most efficient on the market and are Eco Design Ready - so not only can you choose a carbon neutral alternative for heating your home but you can also be sure you are choosing the best for our air quality. Click here for a video about wood burners and air pollution from the Stove Industry Alliance. All our stoves are approved by DEFRA for burning in smoke control areas and using high quality, seasoned wood is also really important and we fully support the Ready to Burn initiative.

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•Burning wood at home and air pollution - why choose an Eco Design, clean burning stove?•

How to burn wood at home cleanly

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