GAS - Rais Q-Tee 2 C

RAIS Q-Tee 2 C Gas beautifully rounded corners and an expansive curved glass door. Choose between several base and leg options, colours and door designs to add a personal touch.

W-D-H = 656 - 479 - 598 (standard)

H -723 (Low base)

H -983 (High base)

H-723 (Low legs)

H- 768 (High legs)

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Stove dimensions

Width: 479mm
Height: 598mm
Depth: 656mm
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•Rais (wood and gas)•

Rais Visio 3 L

Rais 600/3

Rais 600/2

Rais 600/1

Rais Nexo 185

Rais Nexo 160

Rais Nexo 140

Rais Visio Tunnel 2.1

Rais Visio 2

Rais Visio 1

Rais Nexo 120

Rais Nexo 100

GAS - Rais Q-Tee 2

RAIS light cone

RAIS Square

RAIS Angle

Rais Visio 3:1

Rais Q-Tee 2C

Rais Viva L 160

GAS - Rais Viva L

Rais Juno White Ceramic

Rais Poleo

Rais Viva L 120 Glass Door

Rais Viva L 120 Classic

Rais Viva L 100 Glass Door

Rais Viva L 100 Classic

Rais 2:1

Rais Rina Soapstone

Rais Juno Soapstone

Rais Epoca

Rais Q-Bic

Rais Pilar

Rais Q-Tee 2

Rais Q-Tee

Rais Q-20

Rais Rina

Rais Bionic Fire

Rais Q-Tee Insert

Rais Q-Be Insert

Rais 900

Rais 700

Rais 500-3

Rais 500-2

Rais 500-1

Rais Q-BE

Rais Visio 3

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