Rais Viva L 100 Classic

Put your own personal touch on the sleek Rais Viva 100L/

A discreetly placed handle of a new design. Large door and bigger combustion chamber add to the illusion of an open fireplace.

Choose between different colours, handles, top plates and much more, and create a stove that matches your home interior and taste.

Customisation options: 6 different colours (White, Mocha, Platinum, Silver ,Nickel, Black.) Side glass, 4 different top plates,heat storage, swivel base. Door in steel or glass. 6 different handles.With or without 'Clever Air' system of automatic combustion control. Eco design ready.viva-l-customized-7a.jpg#asset:3365

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Stove dimensions

Width: 470mm
Height: 1000mm
Depth: mm


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