Chill Penguin - Woody Eco (multi fuel)

2022 compliant and high efficiency multi-fuel burner with exceptionally low emissions. Double glazed and with a new handle, the Woody Eco multi comes with all the chilli penguin clean burn and controllability features as standard.

If you’ve got a big space in your life then Woody is the one for you, generously proportioned, incredibly efficient and quietly, modestly, magnificent.

The Woody is the most efficient stove in our range reaching a remarkable 87% efficiency on smokeless fuel and 82% on wood.

Woody is also our slimmest stove and has a landscape window offering a really generous view of the fire.

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Stove dimensions

Width: 656mm
Height: 560mm
Depth: 285mm

•Chilli Penguin•

Chilli Penguin - Woody Eco (Cat)

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