•Made in England•

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ACR Ashdale

ACR Birchdale

ACR Malvern £925

ACR Malvern Classic £895

ACR Neo 1C


ACR Neo 1P

ACR Neo 3C


ACR Neo 3P

ACR Neo 3W

ACR Oakdale

ACR Tenbury T550

ACR Woodpecker WP4

ACR Woodpecker WP5 £650

ACR Wychwood

Burley Ashdown CAT £1350

Burley Bosworth -Ecoelite

Burley Brampton - Ecoelite

Burley Briary

Burley Carlby -Ecoelite

Burley Carlby £976

Burley Coppice Inset

Burley Debdale 9104C CAT £750

Burley Debdale CAT 9104-C

Burley Hollywell - Ecoelite

Burley Hollywell £750 (log stand optional)

Burley Icarus

Burley Icarus

Burley Launde 9304 £600

Burley Launde 9304 Eco Excel

Burley Pickworth GAS £595

Burley Springdale

Burley Swithland 9308 £800

Burley Thorncombe £950

Burley Wakerley- Ecoelite

Burley Westhay

Charnwood - The Bembridge

Charnwood Aire 3 £895

Charnwood Aire 5

Charnwood ARC 7 Low

Charnwood Arc 7 Store

Charnwood Bay 5 VL

Charnwood C-Eight

Charnwood C-Five

Charnwood C-Four

Charnwood C-four Inset

Charnwood C-Seven

Charnwood C-Six

Charnwood Country 16b

Charnwood Country 4

Charnwood Cove 2 Blu Low stand

Charnwood Cove 2B Boiler stove

Charnwood Cove 3

Charnwood Island 3B

Charnwood Island I

Charnwood Island III Blu

Charnwood Island ll Blu

Charnwood Skye 5 Low

Charnwood Skye 7

Charnwood SLX 45 Freestanding

Chilli Penguin - Woody Eco (Cat)

Chilli Penguin, Hungry ECO £1450

Chilli Penguin, Short in Polar Bear Belly £850

Clearview 400P

Clearview 650

Clearview 750

Clearview Pioneer

Clearview Pioneer Oven

Clearview Solution 400

Clearview Solution 500

Clearview Vision £1450

Clearview Vision Inset

Fireview ECO Contemporary 9KW

Fireview ECO Traditional 5kw

Fireview ECO Traditional 7kW

Fireview ECO Traditional 9kW

Harrie Leenders Fuga eL

High and Mighty (Tall Order) Eco

Phoenix Fireblaze ECO 6kW

Phoenix Fireblaze ECO Convector 6KW

Phoenix Firebright ECO Inset 5kW

Phoenix Firebug ECO Convector 8KW

Phoenix Firegem ECO 5kW

Phoenix Firegem ECO Convector 5KW

Phoenix Firewren ECO 4kW

Phoenix Firewren ECO Convector 4KW

Rais Q-Tee

Salamander Hobbit

Stock Cube

Woodwarm Phoenix 5 - GAS £695