•Multi Fuel•

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ACR Ashdale

ACR Astwood

ACR Birchdale

ACR Birchdale in Arctic White enamel £995

ACR Buxton £1050

ACR Buxton Logstore

ACR Earlswood

ACR Earlswood Logstore

ACR Malvern

ACR Malvern £925

ACR Malvern Classic £895

ACR Malvern Logstore

ACR Neo 1C



ACR Novus

ACR Oakdale

ACR Rowandale

ACR Tenbury

ACR Trinity

Burley Hollywell £750 (log stand optional)

Charnwood - The Bembridge

Charnwood C-Eight

Charnwood Country 16b

Charnwood Country 4

Charnwood Island I

Charnwood Island III Blu

Charnwood Skye 5 Low

Charnwood SLX 45 Freestanding

Chill Penguin - Woody Eco (multi fuel)

Chilli Penguin, Hungry ECO £1450

Chilli Penguin, Short in Polar Bear Belly £850

Clearview 400P

Clearview 650

Clearview 750

Clearview Pioneer

Clearview Pioneer Oven

Clearview Solution 400

Clearview Solution 500

Clearview Vision £1450

Clearview Vision 500

Clearview Vision Inset

Contura i4 Classic

Contura i4 Modern


Fireview ECO Contemporary 9KW

Fireview ECO Traditional 5kw

Fireview ECO Traditional 9kW

High & Mighty Eco

Ivar 5 High

Ivar 5 Low

Ivar 5 Store

Ivar 8 Low

Ivar 8 Store

Morso 1000 Swift

Morso 2110 Panther

Morso 3440 Owl Convector

Morso 4441

Morso Badger 3112

Morso Badger 3142

Morso DB15

Morso Owl 3410

Morso Ø6

Morso S11-42

Morso S81-90

Morso Squirrel 1410

Morso Squirrel 1412

Morso Squirrel 1416

Morso Squirrel 1418

Morso Squirrel 1442

Morso Squirrel 1446

Morso Squirrel 1448

Phoenix Fireblaze ECO Convector 6KW

Phoenix Firebug ECO 8Kw

Phoenix Firebug ECO Convector 8KW

Phoenix Firegem ECO Convector 5KW

Phoenix Firewren ECO Convector 4KW

Rais Pilar

Salamander Cooking Range

The Chubby 5 Eco

The Chubby 8

The Eighty Ate

The Fat Penguin Eco

The Hungry Penguin Eco

The Penguin 8